Hiroaki Mizutani 3DAY
phonolite strings special
1/25 Open19:30 Start20:00 3,000+tax yen(including one drink)
Hiroaki Mizutani (cb), Yuko Kajitani (vla), Orie Hirayama (vc), Masashi Sekiguchi (vc), Takashi Sugawa (vc, cb), GUEST: Keisuke Ohta (vln)
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We have been traveling together to various places in recent years. By standing in various places and playing together with various musicians, we have been pursuing what we should do and which direction we should head to from now on. We are getting ready to do something new at our next concert. We are not sure what is waiting for us there, but when we look back, we were always pursuing something unknown. So, we will live this right moment, believing that something amazing would happen in the next radiant moment.

A while ago, I dreamed of playing a concert with Keisuke Ohta. I could not forget about the happy experience, so I went to listen to his solo live and was completely knocked out with his fantastic performance, which convinced me to invite him to our 3DAYS event this time, so we could play together in real life. I decided to feature string instruments only this time, to focus on the low pitch sounds and improvisation, which is the real thrill of phonolite strings.

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