Gush! CD 'Boléro' Release Concert
7/30 Open19:30 Start20:00 3,000+tax yen(including one drink)
Takayuki Kato (g), Hiroaki Mizutani (b), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki (ds)
After having breakfast in the afterglow of a sweet dream in which I was wrapped in innovative harmonies, with new inspirations welling up during the training, taking shower with humming a tune, getting dressed with whistling, feeling everything with my five senses when walking on the street, coming through the ticket gate of a train station as if I were swimming through the flood of imaginations that were amplified by the vibrations of the train, arriving at the club after going through a shopping avenue while wading through the flickering inspirations, my body is filled with the music that is about to explode from inside me on stage. (Gush!) I would like to be someone like that.

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